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Call for entries submission form for artists. 

On December 5th from 6:30-10pm in the main hallway/lobby in Global Scholars Hall on the University of Oregon campus we will host the 3rd annual UO ©ritical A®t Show, which is an event that brings together student and community artists. We are accepting submissions from artists through November 21 (if we need to print/mount the work; if not we can accept the week or day of). The event is organized and curated by a group of 20 first-year students in a FIG (freshman interest group), the FIG Assistant, Ellie Reisman, and their instructor Andre´ Sirois (DJ food stamp).

The work submitted, or proposed, must meet two basic criteria: 1) the work must sample, borrow, appropriate, remix other media and 2) the work must somehow be critical of consumer culture, politics, celebrity, etc. The art can be 2d, paint, 3d (sculpture, glass, etc.), mixed media, etc. We are not accepting video or audio. We will be setting up for the show December 5 at 3pm.

The goal is for the art to utilize the legal concept of fair use, which allows for borrowing other works to directly critique them, for public benefit, and as long as the new work doesn’t replace the market for the old.

Submissions will be reviewed by the FIG students, and the opening show curated by them. This call for submission is open to everybody. The show will be held 6:30-10pm Global Scholars Hall #123 hallway area on the University of Oregon campus. We are hoping to show the exhibit in other spaces in Eugene and Oregon.

We are asking that you submit a link to a file, a proposal, a draft or mockup, etc. digitally using this form.

Here are some basic requirements for the pieces:

*If doing a digital 2d image, we will need to print it. We should have some budget for large format printing, but you should design you piece for poster size (27×40) and 300dpi and submit as a pdf. Other large formats are fine, and if you have a reason (artistic) for a smaller format that will be acceptable too.


Here are some pics from the 2018 show!!!

Here are some pics from the 2017 show!!!


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